Last year we got together over lunches and left a $1,200 tip on a $128 bill, and $540 tip on a $110 bill. In total we dropped $1,740 in tips on $228 in bills. We made people happy, escaped without being captured or identified, and the story reached media outlets across the world. Care to join up for the twelfth annual tip bomb?

Huh? What’s a Tip Bomb?

We have lunch and spread holiday cheer to a stranger. For eleven winters now, we pick an unfancy location, collect as many dollah-billz as possible, and drop a massive Tip Bomb on an unsuspecting server.



If you can join or do your own, you will get details. Our target location is less than two miles from Reston Town Center in Virginia. We plan to meet at high noon Tuesday, December 22. If you can’t join us or do your own, send us your green. We’ll make a big old pile and you can imagine that surprised server’s face when they find a giant stack of cabbage with our cheery regards. Haha!