Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.


Why do you do this?

So many whys… We’re going to write more here but it feels really good. Try it and you’ll see.

Are you rich?

Hell no. We feel blessed to be able to work  jobs that we love. In order to contribute to TipBomb, it takes each of us to sacrifice and most of us make a proportionate sacrifice dependent upon our situation at the time if we haven’t been saving up for it since the last one. If we became rich, we would probably plan TipBombs for more than once per year.

Do you abort for bad service?

Good question. Everyone struggles with something and you never know for sure what may be happening in a stranger’s life that may cause them to behave in a certain way at a given time. We’ve never aborted and we’ve been fortunate to never have service that would cause us to consider that. We’ll add to this soon.

Are you looking for fame?

No. We do however love the creative and unexpected, and are attracted by opportunities to anonymously spread joyous surprise to others. If the TipBomb idea spread beyond our little group and we got hear about other TipBombs occurring elsewhere, we surely wouldn’t cry about it.

How can I TipBomb?

Glad you asked! We get asked this question a lot and intend to do something about it. Please check back soon as we’ve started to make an easy how-to kit to help you coordinate and execute a successful TipBomb on your own.

Meanwhile, you can add to our pile of cheer.