As we kicked things off this year, we discovered that one of our longtime Tipbomber friends who found a new job in the area had gone and started a group at his new job with his new coworkers, and they dropped a Tip Bomb on Gustavo with a 482% $530 tip on a $110 bill at Anita’s Restaurant in Herndon, Virginia. This shows how easy it is to spread the Tipbomb idea to your own group.

We already see potential building for next year and will be sure to try to coordinate with other groups interested in bringing Tipbombs to their local area.

Last year we tipped $1,440 on a $197 bill (731% tip) to Kevin at Silver Diner, which helped make our 10th anniversary TipBomb special.

Also this year (and on the same day) TIPBOMB XI celebrated our eleven-year anniversary with an amazing $1,211 tip on a $128 bill. That’s a record-breaking 946% tip to Megan at Virginia Kitchen in Herndon, VA. Thank you for the excellent service, Megan!